Moved to Drupal

Moved to Drupal

I have been planning to move this site to Drupal for quite some time now. Since I read about Drupal late last year I've been trying to learn more about it and move this site to Drupal. The opportunity to learn about Drupal presented itself in May when I started working on my second project. First I was planning to use wordpress for the project but when I went a little deeper in the planning phase, I realized it won't work in wordpress. So I needed something new, and thankfully I remembered Drupal. So I used Drupal for the project and learned much about the CMS.

Now I feel pretty comfortable with Drupal. So I thought this is the right time to move my site to Drupal as well as I haven't expanded it much and it should be relatively easy to switch now than later. So I moved what little data I had on my wordpress site to Drupal. Now that the site is on Drupal expect some new things!

Moving to Emacs

Moving to emacs

You might have seen my previous post stating that I have chosen to use vim for my text editing needs. However when I made that decision I didn't even try emacs. What I did was I installed Gvim package on my arch linux. It was about 7 or 9 MB download. I installed it, played around with it and liked it. Then I thought lets try emacs. I issued command :

[noel@Daedalus ~]$ sudo pacman -S emacs
resolving dependencies…
looking for inter-conflicts…

Targets (1): emacs-23.3a-1

Total Download Size: 31.47 MB
Total Installed Size: 90.46 MB

Proceed with installation? [Y/n] n

That's what happened. So I had no real reason to chose vim over emacs because I never tried emacs. But last month I was looking for something to quench my hunger of learning something new. And I wasn't able to find anything worthwhile. So I decided to finally try emacs. So I installed it and now I'm playing around with it. So far I like it.

One big selling point of emacs is Org-mode. That thing is freaking awesome. I love it and use it everyday now. So until vim has a decent port of Org-mode(there is already one in work), I'm sticking with emacs. I'll have to learn a lot. Before that I'll have to forget the vim keybindings. Which means I'll have to leave my beloved pentadactyl. Well, to gain something you'll have to lose something.

Another improvement I found over vim is indentations.

So now I'm using emacs. This post was also written in emacs.