ICPF – Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship

ICPF Now for more than a year, I have been a part of ICPF. ICPF stands for Inter collegiate prayer fellowship. It's an organization that works among the youth to educate them about the love of Christ. Let me tell you how I became a part of ICPF's ministry. Finz, a friend of mine invited me and my brother to a nearby cell group of ICPF. So I went there and I had a great time in the presence of God. So I started going there regularly. After that there was a retreat in August. I also attended that. But […]

This is just the beginning….

Alright. I admit I don't have very good relationship with my blog but want to change that.  So In the coming months I want to try and develop this site a little bit more.  And along with that I also want to develop a habit of blogging more frequently.The first thing I am going to do is catch up to my real life in my blog life(yeah, I know, last sentence doesn't make any sense).  What that means is that I'm going to blog about the major events in my life in the last one year.  So stay tuned.