Today I had a chance to attend a program called stressbusterz. It was conducted by ICPF ahmedabad to give students insights on how to deal with exam stress. Here is the powerpoint presentation that was used in the event. It was created by Blesson Verghese. Download

Object of faith

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for, being convinced of what we do not see. (Hebrews 11:1 NETtext) This verse from the bible states something extraordinary. It says that faith is being convinced of what we do not see. It means believing in something without any proof. In this modern age of science and technology where everything is viewed through skepticism, and proof is demanded about anything new or unusual, faith might seem like an outrageous idea. However you might be surprised to find out that it is not so and faith is as commonplace as people. […]

Who created God?

Recently one of my friend asked me this question. Who created God? So I answered him. However there are many who ask this question. So I will put my answer here where many can read it… Short answer: Nobody. Long answer: To answer this question we need to go a little bit deeper and ask the question, why do you ask that who created God? Why there is a need for God to be created. Why do we find it hard to believe that God can be eternal. It is because that's how this universe works. It is because of […]


This post is dedicated to all my non technical friends who don't know about RSS or know a little about it but don't know how to use it. Without going into the details, I'll tell you how I read my feeds and the way I use to subscribe to feeds. There are many other ways and tools but I'll stick to what I use. So here's how you do it. step 1: Get Firefox step 2: Open any blog or website(exept facebook) in Firefox. step 2: Go to Tools->Page info step 3: select Feeds step 4: Select any feeds and […]