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Miracles asking for miracles!

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There are some people who say, God doesn’t exist. I do not know on what basis can they make such claims, however, the main thing that they ask for is evidence of God’s existence. Now they won’t accept anything that can be explained by science. They want something that can not be explained. In fact, they are asking of a miracle. They say if you show us a miracle, we will believe that there is a God. So, today, I’d like to show them a miracle. But before that, I’d like to ask them two questions. 1. Who they are? 2. How they came to be?

I think that they will answer the questions in the following manner(or something similar). 1. Human or man/woman or homo sapien (or their name! If they do so, they are disqualified from the game!) 2. The process of evolution

Those answers are very concise. So let me go a little bit deeper in the answers. What does “being human” mean? I have written about in the past, but the topic of the discussion was not description of humans rather, the message of a certain t-shirt. Right now, I want to be descriptive. As far as I can understand it, there are 4 parts to any human being. 1. Intelligence 2. Emotions 3. Morals 4. Body(of course!)

I think that is the a good description of a human being. At least good enough for the purposes I am going to use it. The purpose is this: I want to conclude that, human beings are very complex! Agreed?

Now let us move on to the next answer. Evolution. What do they mean by evolution? Evolution explains how life evolved on the earth. But before evolution of life, there must me some life. They say, it was created by a sequence of random chemical reactions.

Let us assume that the very first living organism was created in such a manner. Then the evolution process began. Then after millions of years of evolution, very complex organisms as humans evolved from that very simple living organism. Evolutionists have different explanations and mechanisms of how this process happened. However, if we were to summarize the whole process in one simple sentence, it would be like this: Very complex life forms have evolved from simple ones.

Let us again assume that this happened. But, I think that statement is very similar to the following statement. Very complex systems can be developed from smaller, simpler systems(given enough time). In fact, programmers deal with evolution every day! If millions of years ago, Darwin’s monkey faced ancestor had asked a programmer if such a thing as evolution was possible, the ancient and wise programmer had told him, “It is”.

Where does programming fit into all this? Well, you’ll see. But for now, we will just understand what evolution says with the help of a simple program. I’ll use a simple program with the purpose to do exponentiation. Let me describe very shortly, how such a program can “evolve”. I will describe the process in 3 steps. The steps are as following: 1. Addition : Takes 2 arguments. A and B. Does A + B. Returns the answer. 2. Multiplication : Takes 2 arguments. A and B. Then it adds A to itself, B times. Using the addition process. 3. Exponentiation : Takes 2 arguments. A and B. Then it multiplies A to itself, B times. (Using the multiplication process which in turn uses addition)

It begins with humble addition, then the program mutates to do multiplication(if the program does not mutate, it will be selected out! In fact, the program’s life depends on it’s ability to adept to the requirements!) and then finally, it does exponentiation. That’s more or less, what Darwinian evolution is. I agree that the evolution of exponentiation program is not comparable to the process of biological evolution, but I think it is pretty much the same thing on a much smaller scale.

As the program has requirements to adept to, biological organisms have the environment to adept to. That is called natural selection. The organisms that don’t adept to the environment are selected out. Those who do, can continue to live. If natural selection is true, all it does is to subtract from the total number of species. It doesn’t add anything new. But, wait a minute! If the process of natural selection is subtracting from the total number of species, then there would be a lot more species in the beginning! So, evolution starts from a single biological organism and then natural selection comes along and tries to subtract it from itself! What the heck? Those two things are contradictory!

So the evolutionists says, there are some times when the natural selection process is “weak” or “absent”. When the selection is “weak” or “absent”, random mutations happen and produce more new species. But, natural selection depend on only one thing. Environment. Is the theory saying that sometimes the environment is “weak” or “absent”? Well, I can go on and on but I’d rather not go into it. You probably are waiting for your miracle to be delivered. So let me move to the next point.

In the last paragraph, I introduced a new word. Mutation. In evolution, mutation means changes in genomic sequences. I don’t know what the heck “genomic” means, but the word sequence is something I can understand. It is the order of something. Maybe some events or some instructions. And for mutations to happen, this sequence must mean something to the organism. If it doesn’t mean anything, then species can not be different from one another. If they can not be different from one another, then mutations can not happen. Because, mutation means changes in genomic sequences. Change must be distinguishable. Without meaning you can not distinguish between two. So, for the mutation to happen the sequence must be different from the previous one and it must have a meaning. Very interesting.

Do you know that is? It is information. Information is the sequence of things that carry a certain meaning. In language, the “things” are symbols. The characters that form words and sentences. The sequence of that characters carries certain meaning. That’s why you can read this. If it didn’t have a certain meaning, you would not be able to make sense of this text. In a genome, it is molecules. In DNA there are four molecules. Adenine(A), Guanine(G), Cytosine(C) and Thymine(T). The sequence of this molecules in the genome carries certain meaning. In humans, that information decides our gender, personality, appearance, hair and eye color and many more things. For life to start and evolve, information is needed.

Evolutionists say that the first life form came just by chance. Because of random events. However, for life to evolve there needs to be information. A sequence that means something. Randomness is a sequence but it doesn’t have a meaning other than that it doesn’t have a meaning. You can not have meaning from randomness. Only because you have meaning, you have meaning of randomness. So you can not have information from randomness. Because of the lack of information, genomes can not mutate and life can not evolve. The very first organism can not have defined the meaning of the sequence because the organism itself operates on it’s own genomic sequence. The information must be there prior to the first living organism and it is not possible for randomness to produce any information.

So for evolution to be possible there needs to be information. But information can not come out of randomness. From where can it come?

Let us go back to the evolution of the exponentiation program. In that program, the relatively complex mathematical operation is based on the simpler mathematical operation of addition. Without addition, exponentiation would not be possible. In the same way according to evolution, without the single cell life forms, humans wouldn’t exist. But, the evolution of the program also faces the same question as the evolution of life.

Why does it start with addition? From where does that piece of information come? Of course, from the ancient and wise programmer. The programmer knows what he wants but it is too complex. So he creates something much simpler and then uses the simpler system to create a much complex system. The ancient and wise programmer is the source of information for the evolution of the program.

So from where does the information required for biological evolution come? Evolutionists say, from pure chance(yes, the random sequence suddenly had a meaning just by pure chance! How? I have no idea but they say “pure chance”). Why wasn’t the very first living organism selected out? Because it was able to adept to its environment. Why was it able to adept? Because of pure chance. Why did it reproduce? Pure chance. Well, if you believe those things happened by “pure chance”, let me suggest something to you. Take a pencil and a paper then start drawing random lines on the paper. A few years later, you will have copy of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. How? By pure chance!

You might be asking right now, where is my miracle? The miracle is this: “Pure chance” that can not ever fill in the role of the “ancient and wise programmer”, does fill it in the mind of the atheist. In their mind, their existence is based on a long chain of events that happened by “pure chance”. So if you are asking for a miracle as a proof of God’s existence, go look into a mirror. The miracle is not how you look or how wonderful you are, it is that you believe that the information required for evolution came out of randomness by pure chance all in the name of reason and science! Explain to me how you can believe that! If you can not, you have your miracle. The miracle of ignorance.

I have written about evolution in this post because I came across the following statement in a book few days ago.

Evolution is the greatest engine of atheism ever invented. ~ William Provine

The atheists believe that evolution explains life without the need of God. However, in this post I have pointed out the difficulties I find with that stand. Evolution can not initiate by pure chance. The information required can not come from randomness. But it can come from a creator. Because bible says:

John 1:1: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (KJV)

A word is a sequence of symbols that carry a certain meaning. It is information. It is the definition. From that definition or information, the information required for life can come. So I think it is possible that life on earth evolved by the process of evolution but only if God initiates and guides that process. But then, it won’t be Darwinian evolution at all. It will be a creator shaping his creation every step of the way.

By the way, I can put a variable in my program with a value “The software engineer does not exist!”. that doesn’t mean I don’t exist. It only means that the variable is very ignorant.

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