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The operating system

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My choice of operating system is GNU/Linux. The reasons are simple.

      1. I still use a decade old Pentium 4 computer with a 2.4GHz cpu and 512MB RAM (Yes, I know phones have more RAM these days…) I could just use good old windows xp, but, I don't want to use a decade old operating system when I can use a brand new one for free of cost. Which beats windows in many aspects. However, even if I had a powerful system, I still would be running linux on top of it because it's simply more tailored for my needs. I wouldn't be able to do with Windows or OSX what I have done with linux. It's very flexible.
      2. I like the package management of linux. Give one command and software is downloaded and installed ready at your disposal.
      3. Since I have started to use linux, I've grown to love the simple and powerful tools that it provides. Bash, vim, elinks… what's not to like? Even if I don't have access to graphical user interface, I can work perfectly fine with the command line. This also has helped me in recent times as at work, I need to ssh into a hosting server and set up web applications.
      4. I am a tinkerer and I like the choice and the customizability of linux. Without this aspect of it, I wouldn't be writing this post.

Now, the question is, which distro do I use? Currently I am using Debian wheezy(which is currently a testing release). Previously I have used Arch linux for about 2 years. Before then, I did some time on Ubuntu. So, I’m not an expert in everything linux, however, I can say that I would be comfortable with pretty much any sane distro.

So, currently, the operating system that I use is Debian wheezy.

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