Roots of Leadership

From 12th to 15th November, I had the privilege to attend ICPF leadership camp. It was a great time of blessings. There were many sessions taken on the topics like of leadership and especially on what it means to be a christian leader. And in each of the talk there were many contrasting elements between a christian leader and a secular leader. However, nobody talked about why there was such an contrast, and that for a good reason. It was obvious. It was because one was christian and other was not. However, as G K Chesterton once said, “The things […]

Lingering thoughts of Lua

For approximately a year now, I have been using Awesome as my window manager. It’s great. A few months ago, I was using Luakit as my primary browser when Firefox got in frenzy of releasing new versions of their browser which demanded more and more memory from my computer which it didn’t have. But, what these two amazing pieces of software have in common? Lua. I was introduced to Lua when I configured my awesome window manager. It didn’t seem like a programming language much when editing the configuration file of Awesome. However, after that, I also configured Luakit in […]