Daedalus. That’s the name that I picked up playing the legendary computer game “Deus Ex“. After a few months of playing that game, I was tinkering with linux. I was pretty new to the world of the infamous penguin. However, when I was installing Arch Linux and was asked the hostname, I gave the name Daedalus. Since then, the name has sticked and I have always used that name for my computer’s hostname.¬† It was also a time when I started blogging and there is a post hanging around from that era.¬†However, since then I’ve made my home here in the land of penguins and customized it enough to make it an alien sight for at least about 90% of the people who use computers. I’ve been thinking about writing about the setup that I use.

I have decided that I will be writing a series of posts that will describe my computer setup. I will start with the operating system and then one by one introduce each software that I use. Along with the customizations that I have made to it. Once I have created a blog entry about a single piece of software, I will add a link to that post in this page. So, it is easily accessible to anyone who wants to learn more. Also, I will be able to keep a log of the system as it evolves.

Generally these posts will go into the category Computers & Technology unless it’s about emacs in which case it will go into Emacs category. However, you can filter all the posts about my setup using daedalus tag.

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