ICPF – Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship

ICPF Now for more than a year, I have been a part of ICPF. ICPF stands for Inter collegiate prayer fellowship. It's an organization that works among the youth to educate them about the love of Christ. Let me tell you how I became a part of ICPF's ministry. Finz, a friend of mine invited me and my brother to a nearby cell group of ICPF. So I went there and I had a great time in the presence of God. So I started going there regularly. After that there was a retreat in August. I also attended that. But […]

This is just the beginning….

Alright. I admit I don't have very good relationship with my blog but want to change that.  So In the coming months I want to try and develop this site a little bit more.  And along with that I also want to develop a habit of blogging more frequently.The first thing I am going to do is catch up to my real life in my blog life(yeah, I know, last sentence doesn't make any sense).  What that means is that I'm going to blog about the major events in my life in the last one year.  So stay tuned. 


No it's not a dinosaur. It's a Firefox addon which I love. In fact without it I don't do anything in Firefox. What it does is it makes Firefox behave like my favourite text editor Vim. So I can browse internet without touching the mouse. And it is much faster to use keyboard to browse internet than mouse once you get used to it. Back when I was testing and playing with all those different window managers, after I had set up awesome window manager as my primary working environment. My mouse stopped working. So for about three months I […]

Conky System Monitor

I love to monitor my system. It's one of the things that I can spend my time doing. Not hours of time but I can just stare at the system monitor for like 5 minutes and observe and study which processes are taking most system resources and which processes are playing nicely. That's all nice and good but the most important thing for me to monitor is the bandwidth of my internet connection. It is a BSNL EVDO wireless data card. So the internet speed is not constant and it can vary from 10 kbps to over 200kbps of download […]

Awesome window manager

Last year there was a time when I was pretty much free to do whatever what I wanted to do. And in that time I did a lot of things for which I am happy that I did. One of the things I did at that time was testing different working environments. Before that I was using XFCE desktop environment. I still like it and have it installed on my pc. It is very light compared to GNOME and KDE. And it doesn't get in my way. So its good. But I had free time and nothing else to do. […]

Quake like terminal emulator(not quite what you think)

Everyone who has used the GNU/Linux terminal knows it is a force to be reckoned with. However, it’s a pain to have to launch a terminal emulator wait for a it to load, and then have to keep Alt-Tabbing to it. That's why quake like terminal emulators exists. For those of you who don't know what a quake like terminal is, let's clear it up first. Quake is a popular first person shooter created by id software. In the game, there is a terminal that is accessible by hitting the ~ key. It is used for editing settings and variables(like […]

Hunt for the perfect operating system

Last week one of my hard drive failed. At that time I was dual booting XP & Ubuntu from that drive, so I lost my bootloader grub. I installed ubuntu on my other drive. Howerver, I have 512 mb ram in my pc. Ubuntu was running good but at times it seemed slow & the issues with my graphic card(intel 82845g/gl Brookedale) & linux has, worsened my situation. Because of my graphic card Ubuntu crashed alot. So I thought why not try out some other distro? So, for past week I was doing just that. Prerequisites : I wanted a […]

Automatically mount NTFS partition on boot

To mount ntfs partitions we need to specify where we want to mount those partitions. By default, when you mount any partition/plug in any flash drive/insert a cd, it is mounted in /media/ directory. So we'll create a directory in /media/.Step 1 : Create directoriessudo mkdir /media/directory name replace “directory name” with the name of the directory you want to create. I want to create a directory named data, so I will….sudo mkdir /media/data Now we need to get a list of all the partitions, this command will do just that.Step 2 : get list of all partitions in all […]