This post is dedicated to all my non technical friends who don't know about RSS or know a little about it but don't know how to use it. Without going into the details, I'll tell you how I read my feeds and the way I use to subscribe to feeds. There are many other ways and tools but I'll stick to what I use. So here's how you do it. step 1: Get Firefox step 2: Open any blog or website(exept facebook) in Firefox. step 2: Go to Tools->Page info step 3: select Feeds step 4: Select any feeds and […]


No it's not a dinosaur. It's a Firefox addon which I love. In fact without it I don't do anything in Firefox. What it does is it makes Firefox behave like my favourite text editor Vim. So I can browse internet without touching the mouse. And it is much faster to use keyboard to browse internet than mouse once you get used to it. Back when I was testing and playing with all those different window managers, after I had set up awesome window manager as my primary working environment. My mouse stopped working. So for about three months I […]