People normalization

Here is lies a note for the writer. A note in writing because he is a control freak. He wants to have control over every situation. When he deals with the “real world” he finds that he can not control everybody like he can control the variables and objects in the programs he creates. That is why he told to himself “You can not normalize people like databases”. There are times when he hopes, only if people were like databases. Do some normalization procedures on them to increase their efficiency and reliability. But he knows it can not be done. […]

Know the problem, Johnny!

There are many things that programming has taught me. One of them is this: Knowing the problem is half the solution. Most of the time what you see as the problem is not the actual problem. The actual problem most of the time, hides behind it's effects. What the heck am I talking about? Let me give you an example. In programming, there is a term called “logical error”. It basically means that wrong logic is used in the program. A program with a logical error will run fine, without any problems. However it will not produce the intended result. […]