Hunt for the perfect operating system

Last week one of my hard drive failed. At that time I was dual booting XP & Ubuntu from that drive, so I lost my bootloader grub. I installed ubuntu on my other drive. Howerver, I have 512 mb ram in my pc. Ubuntu was running good but at times it seemed slow & the issues with my graphic card(intel 82845g/gl Brookedale) & linux has, worsened my situation. Because of my graphic card Ubuntu crashed alot. So I thought why not try out some other distro? So, for past week I was doing just that. Prerequisites : I wanted a […]

Automatically mount NTFS partition on boot

To mount ntfs partitions we need to specify where we want to mount those partitions. By default, when you mount any partition/plug in any flash drive/insert a cd, it is mounted in /media/ directory. So we'll create a directory in /media/.Step 1 : Create directoriessudo mkdir /media/directory name replace “directory name” with the name of the directory you want to create. I want to create a directory named data, so I will….sudo mkdir /media/data Now we need to get a list of all the partitions, this command will do just that.Step 2 : get list of all partitions in all […]