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ICPF - Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship

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ICPF Now for more than a year, I have been a part of ICPF. ICPF stands for Inter collegiate prayer fellowship. It’s an organization that works among the youth to educate them about the love of Christ.

Let me tell you how I became a part of ICPF’s ministry. Finz, a friend of mine invited me and my brother to a nearby cell group of ICPF. So I went there and I had a great time in the presence of God. So I started going there regularly. After that there was a retreat in August. I also attended that. But up until that time I was a part of ICPF just for the sake of being a part of it. Nothing more, nothing less. A big change happened in September 2010. When I attended the Restoration camp. It was a 3 day camp. I had not attended any camp of any kind before that, and I had no plans of attending this one either. But the camp site was very near to my house (about 2 kilo meters). The camp was going to start at 5 pm in the evening. They needed help in preparations, and I had noting else to do on that day so I went there. After the preparations I was going to leave but my friends from the cell group forced me to attend the first session and then they registered my name for the camp. And I’m glad they did that! I’m very thankful to both Jo and Finz. Thanks guys:). Because the second day of that camp was simply great. What happened on that day was a life changing experience. It was a great blessing. Now if I look back and search for the one experience why that camp had such a great impact on my life I find none. But if I remember how I was before the camp and after the camp I can say that I was changed for the better. I was truly restored.

After that I continued to attend the ICPF cell groups and other events. In November 2010 there was another camp called “Udaan” meaning (flight). It wasn’t nearby my house. Quite the contrary, it was in Surendranagar. Plus I was pretty sick at that time. But I wasn’t going to miss this camp for anything(can you see the difference?). So I went there & that was also a great blessing. There I met B Varghese. There I was controlling the projector through a laptop. So after we had lunch I went to my seat and he was sitting in the seat next to me and we talked about some things. At that time I didn’t knew he was a pastor. Afterwards in the next session he was introduced properly and I thought what the heck? Is he a pastor? That’s how I came to know him. After 2 and a half month later I knew that he is also director of an Italian company in India. That camp was also great.

After that there was a retreat in Aanand on the Christmas day. I also went there and had a great time. But the two camps influenced me a lot. Those two camps laid the foundation on which I am living now. So that’s how it all started in the last quarter of the last year. After that A Markose, ICPF’s staff worker in the state, asked me to join the student forum in the February, and I was more than happy to oblige. So that’s how it all started.

On the ending note I’d like to say that in the last one year my life has been changed drastically for the better. And ICPF played a very big role in it. I thank God for all the things he has taught me in the past year in different ways and through different means.

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