Moving to Emacs

Moving to emacs

You might have seen my previous post stating that I have chosen to use vim for my text editing needs. However when I made that decision I didn't even try emacs. What I did was I installed Gvim package on my arch linux. It was about 7 or 9 MB download. I installed it, played around with it and liked it. Then I thought lets try emacs. I issued command :

[noel@Daedalus ~]$ sudo pacman -S emacs
resolving dependencies…
looking for inter-conflicts…

Targets (1): emacs-23.3a-1

Total Download Size: 31.47 MB
Total Installed Size: 90.46 MB

Proceed with installation? [Y/n] n

That's what happened. So I had no real reason to chose vim over emacs because I never tried emacs. But last month I was looking for something to quench my hunger of learning something new. And I wasn't able to find anything worthwhile. So I decided to finally try emacs. So I installed it and now I'm playing around with it. So far I like it.

One big selling point of emacs is Org-mode. That thing is freaking awesome. I love it and use it everyday now. So until vim has a decent port of Org-mode(there is already one in work), I'm sticking with emacs. I'll have to learn a lot. Before that I'll have to forget the vim keybindings. Which means I'll have to leave my beloved pentadactyl. Well, to gain something you'll have to lose something.

Another improvement I found over vim is indentations.

So now I'm using emacs. This post was also written in emacs.

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