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Super-duper charged Gnus with Gwene!

 ·  ☕ 2 min read  ·  ✍️ noel

You might have read my previous post about Yahoo! pipes. However, they weren’t working out as I thought they would. Gnus was still taking up a lot of time to start up. So, I thought, there must be some other way to boost the start up time. I looked around and tried to find out what other people were using. After reading this transcript a couple of days ago, and reading curious little mention of Gwene, I decided to check it out this on Saturday. And so I did.

There were a few RSS feeds that I wanted to get news about but weren’t on the Gwene list, but I just added them. In couple of minutes they were populated, and ready for me to subscribe via gnus. So I invoked command:


And there it was. Staring at me, the long list of all the different feeds that are tracked(is that the right word?) by Gwene. I subscribed to the ones that I wanted using “u”, and then closed the server buffer. Then, I restarted my gnus to see how fast it starts. I must say it is definitely an improvement. A significant improvement.

I looked at a few feeds and to my surprise, now I can see images from inside emacs! Amazing, it must have something to do with the protocol. However, I’m very happy with Gwene and Gnus now!

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