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Ideas are Bulletproof

 ·  ☕ 2 min read  ·  ✍️ noel

But also elusive.

I have been thinking of writing to this blog more often, but I also want to write those things in awesome way! And these two intentions of mine, contradict each other. If I write things in awesome way, it takes a lot of time for refinement and finding the right words. So, I tend to post less often. However, the problem is, I have ideas in my head popping up everyday and now I have list of different ideas to write about. In that list, there are about 15-20 items… Then, there are some ideas which have fallen into the endless void of my subconscious because I wasn’t able to record them when I had them… How can I deal with this?

I looked at the list of ideas to write about, and I see a pattern. There are some ideas that are great, and there are some that aren’t great. So, I’ve decided to do something sensible (for once!). I have decided to keep the great ideas for the “Essays” category, and I have created a new category “Ideas” for blogging the not so great ideas. That way, I can just blog about an idea without refining it much. Keeping it in a raw form will help me reduce the time to write down that idea. Thus, I will be able to blog more often.

The great ideas and other things that I really think about before writing will go into “Essays” category.

So, that’s it.

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