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Internet, information and biases

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Warning: This is a radioactive braindump. Reading further might hurt your brain.

Now that’s aside, I’d like to talk about one of the things that I’m biased about. I’m biased about biases. My bias is, everyone is biased. And, there are right biases, wrong biases and ugly biases. So the first question that comes into my mind is, what the heck does these terms mean?

I’m going to assume that everyone knows what is bias. If you don’t, then go and look it up in the dictionary. Any definition I provide here, will most probably be, biased. However, nobody knows what these three curious little terms I just threw up means. So, the definition I provide for them will not be biased. Why? Because I invented them! Let’s look at each one of them…

Let’s start with the last one. Ugly biases. Let me give you an example. Here. What’s that? Well, it’s an lorem ispum generator. It’s a piece of unreadable nonsensical text that some very sensible man invented centuries ago. I use it as a dummy text for the websites that I develop. However, there are wide variety of lorem ispum generators in the backwaters of the internets. In the world of lorem ispums, nothing makes sense! Because, it’s not meant to make sense! Still, I prefer the one that I have linked. Why? The answer can be found on the same page that I have linked. In the answer of question “Where can I get some?”. Supposedly, that is the “first true generator” on the internet. Thus it “truly” doesn’t make any sense! Ironically, that’s a good thing.

So, here comes the definition. Ugly biases are the biases, where the things that you are biased about are not even worth being biased about. Still, you make a big deal out of it. Like… umm… me.

Now, let’s look at the other two. I’ll deal with them at the same time because they are kind of interdependent. Right biases and wrong biases. Well, there’s nothing to them. They are simply the things that you are biased about. I call them right biases and wrong biases because they are. It would be easy to understand if we take a simple example. Suppose there is one argument. Two sides are fighting. One is right, other, obviously, wrong. Let’s call the right side x and the wrong side y. Now, I enter the picture.

I don’t even understand the core issue. Let aside, the two sides of the argument. However, I do like the way that one of the guys talk. So, I’m on that side of the argument. Why? Because, I’m BIASED. Now, there are two possibilities. Either, the side that I’m rooting for is right, or wrong. If it’s right, then, my bias is right. If it’s not, my bias is wrong.

You know what? Completely disregard what I have said up to this point. There are no right or wrong biases. Biases are biases. Biases, by the nature of being a bias, can’t be right or wrong. Anyone who says otherwise is biased about biases. And while you’re at it, you can as well read the first paragraph again.

Hmm.. If you did read it again, you might have noticed that I didn’t talk about the first part of my bias. Which is, “Everyone is biased”. I stand firmly behind my statement. I say, my bias is a right bias. I know your brain is on the brink of explosion. So, I think it’d be good if I come to the point now.

Look at the title of the post. Where are you? On the internet. What is this supposed to be? Information. What you are really getting? BIASES. That’s the whole point of this blog. I think I have sufficiently made my point. I will not make this longer than it needs to be, but there are certain things that, I think, contribute to this.

One is personalized search. Search engine “Bubbling”. If you don’t know, see this: Filter Bubble(wikipedia)

Other is social networks. ‘nuff said.

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